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Remote control vibrating pantiesWelcome to my vibrating panties website where I will offer you some great deals for you and your partner! Many love and sex experts believe that any romance is best when the fires of desire remain burning bright. There are many ways to keep the ‘loving’ hot like using gadgets and toys. There is a wide variety of vibrating underwear available in stores and online.

It is actually a welcome relief that many consumers have embraced this kind of product and it can be safe to say, that the sex toys industry is kicking it. But what separates those from most sex toys is that it can provide sheer pleasure without much effort into it. To keep the arousal on a level, these remote controlled panties and undies can be used to add spice to the play.

They are basically clitoral hands-free vibrator for women willing to experience pleasurable sensations anytime, anywhere. With the purpose to receive sexual stimulation this underwear is designed with a vibrating element inserted. The thing about panties is that this little piece of fabric plays a big role in a woman’s life.


It is not just an undergarment to be taken for granted. The fashion industry has made big bucks in selling lingerie and particularly panties that look good while worn or taken off. This is proved by the fact that quality panties sell faster than hotcakes. This undergarment has gone through developments in style and use and can now include vibrators in the mix maximizing the use of the garment.

Nowadays, remote vibrating panties come in all shape and sizes and often, the consumer’s choice are those form-fitting, exciting and sexy panties that would make jaws drop at the mere sight of it. Creatively designed to fit the needs and wants of the consumers, it has come a long way from the traditional use of undergarments.

Panties offers an exciting array pantie, knickers, underwear, undergarment or whatever you want to call it. They brings forth hands-free sensual stimulation works through the use of a bullet vibrator that generates pleasure through connection with the clitoris and the receptive outer genitalia areas which can be very sensitive to touch.

wireless vibrating panties


This kind of underwear however has become a rage especially now that BDSM is receiving a higher understanding among its practitioners and curious couples. Embraced as a lifestyle addition, many romantics use this kind of panties to up the ante of foreplay without the sweaty efforts. And they has a wide variety to choose from even the popular remote controlled vibrating panties to choose from to respond to those who are eager to use toys for a better sexual experience. From the designs alone, women can find the perfect fit with the style they love for thongs to classy hi-cut panties and boy leg cuts. Any woman can find the perfect fit for them.

Best vibrating panties available online

Looking for the best vibrating panties you can buy with a reasonable price and yet with quality as well? I get you. What is the point of life if we cannot have a little fun, or maybe more? I know I’m right. A vibrating panty needs to be hot, sexy and maybe even fashion forward. But the most important aspect of the whole shebang is, how it works for you.

Yes, you and there is no point in denying it. You either own a pair or two or have been wanting to get your own pair for kicks. We all want to try out a hands-free and discreet vibrator attached to a sexy piece of underwear. Partner or no-partner, these panties do magic.

So, try one of this top three best vibrating panties in the market:

Berman Astrea 2
Berman Astrea 2This list starts with a provocative little black thong by Berman Astrea 2. It’s remote controlled, which means more fun and it’s really, really sexy to wear. The black stretch lace thong comes with a remote control and a set of three AA batteries. Put it on and turn on the fun! It’s that easy – best enjoyed when the remote is held by your partner of course.

This California Exotic Novelties Berman Astrea panty has a small pouch on the inside of the thong that houses the removable, two and a half inch vibrator, can fit even a 32 inch waistline and can be used anywhere – even on a quiet dinner date. Usually ordered along the following items: Climax Bursts Anal Lubricant, Dr. Laura Berman Intimate Basics Universal Toy Cleaner and Doc Johnson Alkaline Batteries.


Remote Control Vibro Panty Black

remote control vibrating pantiesSecond on this list is the wireless remote control vibrating panties with waterproof layer! Now you know why it is second on this list of bests. This black panty comes with a 2.5 inch vibrator and you can buy it on Amazon with a three-year warranty and a free lube!

The Vibro Panty Black with Wireless Remote Bullet 2.5 Inch looks naughty in its black color and it’s a one-size fits all product as well. This panty is second on the list, aside from the price of course, because of its features. It comes with a ten-function remote control, unlike other similar products and is waterproof too!


Here you can read a full detailed review related to: Wireless Remote Control Vibrating Panty

Hustler Vibrating Lace Thongs

Hustler LingerieLast but definitely not the least is Hustler’s vibrating panties hidden pocket & bullet red. It is on this list because of the quality! They are offered in black and red and also comes in two sizes – medium and large. Hustler Lingerie’s vibrating lace pantie comes with a very strong vibe bullet which is cautiously positioned in the secret pocket of the panty.

The vibrator is really quiet and discreet although we all know we can’t stay quiet for long when waves of pleasure build up thanks to the steady vibrating rhythm. The panty in a delicious red color is designed to be sexy with the delicate lace, but sturdy even after numerous wash cycles.

Take your pick among the best in price and quality. Choose from a wide variety of best vibrating panties you can find in stores world-wide or online.

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